I was always taught that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing is truer than this in the corporate world. Here at Charlie Brookes we offer a bespoke service tailored to your expectations. We listen to what you want in conjunction with your  come up with the best possible solution to customise the booth experience to get the best results. With our years experience in the photographic industry we know how to make people look great and most importantly have fun doing it.

Your target audience interact with your brand and at the same time have an incredibly fun time. Afterwards they leave with an everlasting reminder. They will keep this and undoubtedly share it on social media. Imagine these photographs having your company brand embellished on them and highly likely to become a profile picture and the vast audiences that will see it. Furthermore these audiences will see the people enjoying themselves and this will reflect well on your image as they will associate your company with happy things. This will also drive traffic to your website through thousands of user driven experiential impressions travelling via Facebook or other social media sites to friends and family or viewed on your company website.

It is also possible to partially or fully brand the Magic Mirror or Photo Booth.