• Full length photos (head to toe)

  • Single or Multiple Shots

  • Personalise Paint Feature

  • Upload your own templates

  • Add your own text to pictures

  • Full length photos

  • Touch screen

  • Single or multiple shots

  • Custom animations

  • Celebrity voice samples

  • Prints in less than 10 seconds

  • QR Code option

If you are thinking about hiring a Magic Mirror then you must see these must watch videos.

I placed a video camera next to the camera inside the mirror and you can see how much fun the guests have when using our mirror. If you were unsure about the mirror before then this should convince you. It is an awesome addition to any party!

If you are still unsure you should check out some of the animations available to wow your guests.

Here are a few more promotional shots to show you a Magic Mirror in action at an event. This isn't our mirror but you should get the picture!